Plugged in and caffeinated

Seattle's vibrant economy fosters an arts scene marked by museum growth, a noted sculpture park, and lively alternative and commercial venues
by Janet Koplos
(from Art in America Sept 2005)

... In 1997 Billy Howard's Howard House started (as its name implies) in his residence. Last fall the gallery relocated from the far side of downtown to the Pioneer Square area. The new space opened with cutout imagery and wall installations by Seattle artist Victoria Haven. Her ephemeral, labor-intensive pieces included small oval rings of paper pinned to the walls across an expanse of perhaps 20 feet, real shadows mixing with painted, ethereal blue ones. Geometric patterns made of inked archival adhesive tape occupied other walls of the gallery's front room. In the larger second room she presented a half dozen representations of a mountain peak with an arcaded passage at its base, perhaps for a highway, executed in reflective materials and in wood-grained adhesive paper. She typically uses office materials rather than conventional art supplies.

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